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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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about every nickel he could have gotten out of this part of town? >> apparently not. >> and tonight that pool is filled with pell greeno from the looks of the catering truck being unloaded. until about 1:00 this afternoon the street was open to folks just passing by. >> beautiful house. >> very. >> 32,000 to 10 grand and can you go to dinner there. >> oh wonderful. where is my invitation? >> we were just thinking about that. >> let's invite him down for a snack. >> seems as though everyone we talked to thought it was a great idea until we asked what you would call the money question. >> you got an extra 10k? >> sorry, i don't. >> not a cent on me today. >> well, i'll speak to my banker. >> we have been keeping an eye foengs coming into theythe party.
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>> mark thank you. a beautiful backdrop there from russian hill where the president and others are having dinner. >> you see marine 1 using the field to pick up and drop off the president ease he kmoo commuted to stanford. scott joins us from the stanford campus. scott, a lot of what he says is ceremonial. there is a message today about cybersecurity. >> you're right, raj. he insist that cybersecurity is not a republican or democratic issue but rather something that affects every one of us. today, he, along with silicon valley tech companies took the step to make the digital world a little safer. >> president obama got a warm welcome from silicon valley. >> hello, stanford. >> then quickly told the largely young tech savvy crowd that we need more security to protect their data. >> as consumers, we do more on-line than ever before. we manage our bank accounts. we shop. we pay our bills.
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we handle our medical records. >> the president led a cyber is you chiropractority summit featuring dozens of security and data companies among those speaking out, apple ceo tim cook who took a shot at tet tors like facebook and goog whole make money from user data. >> we have a straight forward business model. >> based on selling the best products and services in the world. not on selling your personal data. >> then the president signed an executive order making it easier for companies to share threat information. >> there is only one way to defend america from these cyber threats. and that is through government and industry. working together sharing a appropriate information, as true partners. >> yes. now partners might be a little
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strong. there are still strong feelings between silicon valley and washington between what some call a fine. one local high-tech giant says she thinks today is a good start but only that. reporting live in palo alto scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> also at sanford today student gather to urge the president to veto the keystone xl pipeline legislation. the bill was just approved today by the house. pipeline carries oil from canada to the american gulf coast. protesters say there is a damaging effect on the environment. supporters say the pine line will provide jobs and add to the u.s. oil reserves. live outside the san francisco neighborhood where president obama is hosting a prief at fund-raiser. leaving for palm springs tomorrow morning. can you see with us for continuing coverage on air and on-line at nbc bay >> what about this weather? sets us up for a picnic or
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something. this is san jose nearly 80 degrees. on the coast, santa cruz just as beautiful. this is our exclusive weather underground live cam. beach weather usually means beach traffic. you can see the red there. highway 17 might be in the red. all weekend, slow going. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with our holiday weekend forecast. i'm embarrass to say, i used my air conditioning on the way into work today. >> we have blueskies. the camera look back along the
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d in a few minutes. >> very good. between jeff and your phone, we've got you covered. download our nbc bay area app. check out your neighborhood forecast or maybe the neighborhood you want to vice think the weekend. the app is free. >> new at 5:00 it could be the break police have been hoping for. tonight, san jose police say they've arrested the suspect behind some of the burglaries plaguing the city's almaden valley neighborhood. robert handa is live with more on the arrest. robert? >> it is no secret that police ramped up patrols here because of a big spike in burglaries.
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top pros talked about it at a meeting sunday night. they are talking about disrupting a possible burglary ring. officers aren't done yet. >> esmirelda's home was burglarized last week. >> we were very fortunate we were not in the house at the time. and we came up on the scene and it was quite dramatic. >> several police units operating together arrested three suspects last night for a series of burglaries throughout the city. >> some of these burglaries they believe involve the recent spike. the burglaries happening out in the almaden valley. i'm happy to inform the public that three arrests are related to a potential crew that's possibly working throughout the city of san jose. >> what's your thought about the fact there is arrests made even if it is not the people that burglarize your home.
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>> i think it is a lot of positive things because possibly they can be traced back to other forms of burglary. >> now that is exactly what investigators are hoping for as well. and to find any other possible members of a crew or burglary ring. but coming up at 6:00 do the arrests indicate that police strategy of shifting resource says working. live m san jose robert handa, nbc, bay area news. >> over the east bay, oakland police open fire on a money they say is holding a knife. police have not identified the man but his family says his name is is corey pollard. >> my cousin corey has been shot by the police three times. i guess he had a knife in his hand and he wouldn't put it down or something. >> the man's condition has not been released. also no word on if the officers were wearing body cameras. >> putting in the hours but not picking up that paycheck. we've discovered thousands of cases where companies have short-changed their employees.
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short-changed them by millions of dollars. steven stock has been on the story for four months and joins us now. steven? >> raj, we discovered tens of thousands of californians who had their wages literally stolen interest them. according to the state data we obtained for the first time those stolen wages add up to more than a quarter billion dating back to 2010. it is happening here in the bay area too. 81 million of those unpaid wages were from local companies. california state labor commissioner told me much more needs to be done to stop this problem. >> more needs to be done and we are doing more with the resources we have. >> do we need more reinforcement in california? >> i would sigh that my work is not done so yes, i would say we can always do better. >> we break down the numbers and show you firsthand how this wage
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theft works. we will also name names and show you some of the local companies that have the highest totals in unpaid wages for their workers. that's all tonight at 11:00. see you then. >> eye-opening data. thank you, stephen. if you have a tip for stephen stock or anyone else in our investigative unit, call or e-mail. a record-setting day for the s & p today. dow finishing 30 points shy of its new record and nasdaq also up today. while stocks are raise rising temperatures are dropping dramatically on the east coast. northeast from new york to maine will be hit tomorrow with its fifth storm in past three weeks. temps in single digits and with the windchill factor, they will feel like below zero. a foot of snow is expected in some places. once again in the line of
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fire the question tonight, what will they do with all that snow? our coverage continues at 5:30 on nightly news. >> police in hayward say it appears to be a burglary gone bad. not only did the bad guys leave behind the suspected get away truck, they left behind a dead body. i'm jodi hernandez in hayward, i'll have details coming up. >> made me feel i guess, violated would be one way of putting it. >> losing trust in the local mailman after he was found throwing throwing deliveries in the trash. >> and heavy lifting at levi stadium. we will show you the transformation under way right now. >> at 6:00 part of the silicon valley rejecting new technology. the upgrade that has people worried about the quality of life in palo alto.
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>> the noise interrupts me when i'm trying to concentrate. >> that's new at 6:00.
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new details tonight on a bizarre crime in the east bay. early this morning police say someone used a u haul to crash no a chiropractic school in hayward. the goal may have been to steal something, but it's what was left behind that is really raising eyebrows. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins with us more on the body found you near the truck. jodi? >> reporter: janelle, police are really scratching their heads on this one. they don't know if the body was an accomplice or perhaps an innocent victim. tonight they are trying to figure out who he is and exactly what led to list death. >> we want someone to come forward who might have been there. to let us know how this person died. and what the story is behind that. >> police in hayward have a
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mystery on their hands. they say suspected burglars use eed u-haul truck to break into life chiropractic this morning. leaving a trail of debris and dead body behind. >> they could be facing a homicide charge. they could be. a death as a result of the commission of a a felony could be treated as homicide. >> police don't flow if the victim, man in thinks 40s, was an accomplice or witness and they don't know how he died. >> it is kind of scary. i work like right here. and something like that can happen right next to where i work it makes me think maybe they can do something where i work. >> gerald works at pucci's right next door. they are nervous especially since hire trucks operate late at note and early in the morning. >> we have females that work at night. and we have security cameras but
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of course that's not going to stop anything. they just do whatever. >> i hope they get caught. i hope whoever was killed their family gets justice, because that's not right. >> now police say the college did have surveillance video and investigators are currently reviewing that video. hoping that it provides some clues. meanwhile the college president says it appears the crime is unrelated to the college. he said that family should not be concerned for their student or staff. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. the santa clara's district attorney's office is saying there is a 20-year low. the di d.a.'s office says domestic violence is largely underreported. >> we want it figure out why is
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it so underreported it these communities and try to address these issues. we are focused on making sure al citizens feel safe in their home. >> immigration status may also keep some from calling police. but the d.a.'s office says victims will not be asked about status when reporting a crime. >> don't check the mailbox, check the garbage. a local mail mon caught in the act, spotted throwing mail in the dumpster. michelle is in the willow glenn neighborhood with details. michelle? >> reporter: the post office is trying to figure out why he was doing this. he was a new employee maybe the load was heavy. but people who live and work this this area are worried that important documents won't make it there. >> i'm still waiting. >> andy goldburg says the customer told him the check is in the mail. now he is wondering if that payment ended up in the trash. the u.s. postal service says people have been dumpster diving
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and have to retrace the steps of a new hire who has been lightning his load by toss will envelopes in the trash outside a business on lincoln after flew. >> it tarnishes the work of other people. >> the carrier is under investigation and resigned. >> i guess violate said one way of putting it. disappointed. >>. >> reporter: post office officials say the man worked several routes if willow glenn in week. they aren't sure where or how many times he tossed mail. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: the former mailman could face a fine or five years in prison. the post office was able to retrieve and deliver the mail found in that one trash can but they there could be others out there. so if you're waiting for important paperwork, maybe a check with the sender. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. to santa clara now. levi stadium. 80 degrees, perfect for ice?
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actually, not perfect for ice. they are probably strosing out a bit. one week from tomorrow the sharks will host the l.a. kings in front of almost 70,000 fans. the largest crowd ever to watch a hockey game west of the mississippi river. the ice, we believe, will be installed next week. >> hopefully it doesn't go into overtime. or extra time. it is going to melt. >> a bunch of ice there. >> the outdoor air conditioning not helping ats all. >> this is your fault here jeff. >> a 53-foot refrigerator truck helping keep the ice cold. the biggest problem they face is any kind of rain fall and it doesn't look like that will be happening. here at loam it has been unreal in terms of temperatures. feel like summer all around. whether you're at the coastline or interior strallys. or peninsula. temperatures run 70s to 80s. gilroy 81. the warmest. napa at 80.
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check it out. 76 degrees walnut creek also 75. we start off in tiburon. we take out to south and it gets even better in the outer sunset. brilliant blue skies. sunset is typically one of the foggiest locations but you can see no fog tonight. we take you out south and this th explains the weather today. folks out here enjoying the beach and beach umbrella. chairs out. water temperatures in upper 50s throw 60s. quite a nice day across the bay area beaches. across the sky camera network. temperatures in upper 60s. mild night. maybe dinner outside. tonight is the night for that. can you see tomorrow morning. we are expecting a sunny start. we are on the chilly side. 48 in san jose. 46 in east bay. 43 in north bay. check out this warming trend by the afternoon.
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the micro climate forecast, has temperatures jumping 20 it 25 degrees above average. yes, record setting. but not dangerous levels of heat. very enjoyable. morgan hill 82. you got 80 in palo alto. 80 in pacifica. that the key with off-shore winds. 74 in marina. for north bay, east bay and tri vsh tri-valley more 80s. 78 in walnut creek. 77 in oakland. for tri-valley also 77. weather trend, you can see the mild weather continuing not only for saturday for valentine's day but also sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. all of next week going to be above average in the 70s. but warmest saturday and sunday. if you are wondering about the beach weather, you can see on saturday and sunday forecast
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the warmest weather if pacifica santa cruz and carmel with temperatures in upper 70s to low 80s. i need the shades the bathing suit, surf board. and spot on the beach. i need to get it all in order for this weekend. >> busy weekend. >> and chocolate. happy valentine's day, jeff. >> thank you. you too. >> an error considered preventable. what a bay area hospital has to pay, why it has to pay a hefty fine. >> caught nodding off during the state of the union. why ruth bader ginsburg is blaming us.
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supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has some explain doing. in fact they did some explaining. even her own grabbed daughter called her on it when she seemed to nod off during last month's state of the union address. she confessed she was a bit, quote, under the influence, at prespeech dinner. she said fellow justice anthony kennedy brought a quote very fine california wine and she just couldn't resist. we believe it was a bottle of opus 1. a san francisco hospital slapped with $100,000 fine.
5:25 pm
ucsf medical center fine ford an error considered to be preventable. a chicken pox vaccine was a live vaccine that the patient shouldn't have received. it caused blindness in one eye. ucsf was one of ten california hospitals fined today. >> using superhero powers to fight cancer. gadget boy at lieu ceil packard churn's hospital is one of them. seen here in superhero mode. at an exclusive photo shoot. he looks good. new hope met with gadget boy and eight others at the hospital. the kids picked out their superpowers and designed their own superhero look. >> so my super power is -- little by little -- >> the idea behind super hope is
5:26 pm
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tonight at 6:00 we have iphones and ipads but what about an icar. apple's big thing could be a
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car. "snl" celebrating its 40th anniversary sunday night. an east bay teacher could be watching for one of its students. do you recognize him? teacher kevin wang has fond memories of andy samberg. he said the comedian was getting laughs even when he was a third grader performing in "annie." a couple years ago, samberg and two writer friends donated a quarter million dollars to berkeley's theater program. they said they want the kids to have the same access to the arts as they did. "snl" 40th anniversary special airs this sunday. not saturday. at 8:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. >> sunday night live. >> yes. >> an all-star cast. we will be there. we will be here. >> we have andy samberg and dana
5:30 pm
carvy. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. >> see you back at 6:00. good night, folks. on the broadcast tonight, monster storm. another blizzard about to hit with the intensity of a category 2 hurricane. 70-mile-an-hour winds, cold that feels like 30 below zero. and tonight, our look at what all that snow piling up is doing to homes. was it a hate crime? under intense pressure on authorities, the fbi is now invoed. and the president is weighing in after the murder of three muslim college students sparks a movement. escape from isis. two young women live to tell the world about girls as young as 8 being sold into marriage. tonight, richard engel with a powerful nbc news exclusive. and, the mystery. a dead prosecutor, allegations of a cover-up, and a case that could bring down a very powerful


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